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Mold on Drywall and In Bathroom - All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Mold on drywall is any home owner’s worst nightmare. The first sign of it growing in your home is going to send anyone into a panic. If you’ve found mold, there’s no need to worry though. It can be removed, and you can be free of it. Here’s how to find it and what to…

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Remove Popcorn Ceiling and Re-paint It - All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Popcorn ceilings have many names, from textured and stucco ceiling, to cottage cheese ceiling. Regardless of what you call them, there are 7 reasons you may want to remove popcorn ceiling in your home. You’ve moved into your new home and everything is perfect… apart from the dreaded popcorn ceilings. These textured ceilings, named after…

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Drywall Stains and Repairs Needed to Fix It - All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Your drywall will wear over time, but if you see damage that’s unexplained and becoming a real eyesore, consider these 7 important drywall services to repair your walls and make them look brand new. You don’t have to put up with damage to your home, so you can get that drywall repaired and looking as…

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Fixing Drywall and Repainting Interior Wall | All Climate Painting and Remodeling, a Division of All Climate Roofing

Homeowners usually don’t think about the drywall in their home – until it starts to show problems. Do you know when it is time to repair, repaint and / or replace drywall in your home? Drywall: it’s surrounding you all around your home, but it’s usually just doing its job. How do you know when it’s…

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