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Travel anywhere in the Southwestern United States and you’ll quickly notice how many homes boast beautiful stucco exteriors. Stucco is highly resistant to fire and requires very little maintenance. But, with so many homes, exterior stucco repair is essential.

Well-laid stucco is incredibly durable, attractive, long-lasting, and ideal for withstanding hot, dry weather – which is exactly why it’s so common in the southwest.

Although stucco outlasts and outperforms many other forms of siding, most homes with stucco exteriors do eventually need repair. As age and environmental wear weaken the texture, it can lead to cracks.

Over time, those cracks worsen and develop into holes that quickly tunnel deep into the waterproof sheeting under your siding. This can lead to leaks, structural damage, and even a total loss of integrity.

Despite being one of the most robust materials on the market, stucco repair is necessary if and when these issues occur. At All Climate Painting, we strive to help you restore your exterior and recreate that beautiful, flawless curb appeal every new home holds.

No Job Is Too Big or Small

At All Climate Painting and Remodeling, we’re pleased to take on any exterior stucco repair job. No matter how exhaustive or how minor it seems, all you have to do to get the help you need is reach out.

  • Have a tiny crack? Let us address it now before it becomes severe enough to cause significant issues with your siding.
  • Struggling with a falling stucco wall? We can remove it and fully replace it with brand-new stucco – all while maintaining consistency across the rest of your home.


Repairing Stucco | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Damaged Stucco

Damaged stucco often occurs because of water infiltration, storms, or physical force. While true structural damage is extremely rare, being hit with an object (such as a baseball or rock) can cause micro-depressions and cracks that aren’t immediately obvious to the eye. This interferes with the structural integrity of your stucco because it allows water to leak inside, contract, and expand with changing temperatures.

In other cases, damage may be obvious. If a vehicle hits the building from the street, it may cause a total collapse of the stucco on just that one wall after just a single hit. Similarly, impacts from large hailstones, fire, and water damage can also weaken or damage stucco to the point where repair is necessary.

No matter what damaged your home, All Climate Painting can help. We believe that the best way to fix damaged stucco is to address the problem early and firmly. This prevents total collapse and maintains the beautiful look of your treasured home.

Damaged Stucco Repair | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Virtually Undetectable Repairs

Our highly-skilled workers use an “exact match” technique that ensures consistency between old and new stucco in color, texture, and shape.

This system leaves your home looking flawless and your stucco repairs virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

We leave no visible patches, no alterations in shade, and strive for perfect precision on every job. If you live in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, or any other surrounding area, our exterior stucco repair experts can help.

That's a guarantee.

Peeling External Stucco Repair | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Peeling Stucco

It’s more rare for stucco to peel, but when it does, the effect is often dramatic and impossible to ignore.

This key symptom often occurs when the siding is extremely old, heavily exposed to environmental factors (like salt water spray), or painted over using an incorrect painting technique.

Once stucco begins to peel, stucco repair can be extremely hard.

It can be difficult to stop the cracks from traveling further across the exterior wall.

Removing the siding encompassing all of the peeling portion, and addressing just how far damage-influencing factors extend, is a must to prevent total failure before it happens.

Our exterior stucco repair services will fix these issues before it's too late.

Exterior Painting After Our Exterior Stucco Repair Service | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

The Triple-Layer Fix

Some companies apply “quick fixes” to damaged stucco exteriors by covering holes and cracks with more stucco. At All Climate Painting, we carefully check your stucco waterproofing layer, base coat and top texture on every single call.

What makes this approach so unique? It’s all about providing you with more value and being more useful to you and your home long-term. Rather than adding a band-aid that simply masks the issue, we fix the problem at its root to prevent it from recurring in the future. You save money, time, and most importantly, a significant amount of stress. Best of all, we guarantee our work on every job, no matter how small or big the repair.


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