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Making Your House a Home – For a Lifetime!

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Aging In Place Design

Aging In Place Design - All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Purchasing a home is an investment for your future. It is the place that you intend to grow your family as you put down roots within the surrounding community - and the place where your kids and grandkids will always call home. When you purchased your home all those years ago – you intended to keep it for a lifetime. After all, it is the vessel that holds so many memories.

Life can have other plans, though, can’t it? As we grow older, we often find that the things in our home we once never gave a second thought about – like the three steps to our front door or the narrow hallway to the bathroom – soon make the home unlivable.

Getting older sometimes means we have to make adjustments to keep ourselves safe. Many feel they have no choice but to move on to a new home with greater accessibility. This can be heartbreaking.

Good news! All Climate Painting and Remodeling knows just how important keeping the family home for a lifetime is to you and everyone in your family. That is why we have made it part of our regular practice to do what we can to keep you thriving in the home you love.

We focus on a few of the most important key aspects of accessibility that creates the perfect aging in place design:

• Easy Access
• Maneuverability
• Good Lighting
• Fall Prevention
• Comfortability
• Low-Level Maintenance

Getting Around with Ease

Moving around your home should not require extra thought or difficult maneuvering. Whether you walk normally or with the help of a walker, or find yourself using a wheelchair or scooter, you should be able to live daily life with ease.

All Climate’s team assesses all the important areas where maneuverability may be difficult. Then, they get to work freeing up space with aging in place remodeling ideas in mind.

Here are a few ways they do that:


Eliminating steps at entryways and replacing them with a ramp for improved safety and convenience.


Making sure all walkways are level to increase safety, and reduce potential falls or injuries.


Removing the thresholds at doors and increase their width to at least 32 inches wide.


Creating an accessible bathroom at ground level with a barrier-free shower to increase maneuverability.

Increasing Maneuverability

Daily life goes on even when we have changes to our living needs. We still need to wash our hands in the bathroom or use the stove in the kitchen. In other words, the ability to maneuver throughout the space and still make use of everything is crucial to find fulfillment.

At All Climate, we want you to keep living well. That is why we want to help you make aging in place home modifications, such as:

Putting faucets within reach and ensuring they are correct height in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Adjusting the kitchen aisle space between cabinets to a recommended 36” minimum (42” preferred distance)

Remodeling the bathroom to provide adequate bathroom space of at least 5’x5’ to allow for easy turning.

It’s making simple changes that can make a world of a difference. For instance, providing for a wheelchair or seated access to the bathroom. To be used in a standing position, the lavatory should be 32” to 36”. Adults in wheelchairs need a lavatory no higher than 34” with knee clearance of 27” at the front edge. Include a multi-height vanity and you’ve got great solutions to accommodate people with special needs.

Good Lighting

Did you know that vision really starts to deteriorate after the age of 40? Add a few more decades on to that and being able to see well is going to require some really good lighting. By making some simple aging in place home modifications, All Climate has been able to help so many with a brighter space.

Providing light with higher intensity and reduced glare/reflection.

LED strip lighting under the toe kick or wall cabinets creates soft, low glare illumination.

Cooler light, 3,000 kelvins + for work or task areas.

Entrances, hallways, stairs, and critical lighting areas need fixtures that have at least two bulbs in case one burns out.

Warmer light, 2,700 kelvins and below for a relaxed environment.

Install skylight or solar tube for natural lighting.

Automatic night lights for safe use after dark.

Creating an overall brighter space with multiple types of light forms.

Fall Prevention

Falling is a very serious concern when getting older. No matter how steady we think we are, it can happen so quickly. Being proactive with your living space is the easiest way to prevent falls in the future. At All Climate Painting and Remodeling, we do what we can to help reduce this risk.

Adding the following to your aging in place design is a great place to start:
• Nonslip floor coverings.
• Grab bars in the shower and next to the toilet.
• Creating level walkways and removing thresholds.

Aging In Place Design - All Climate Painting and Remodeling
Aging In Place Design - All Climate Painting and Remodeling


If you are going to continue living in your home, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Invest in it. All Climate has some great offerings that can make staying home just feel good. For example, Radiant Systems heats the floor under bathroom tile or in specific areas like under your favorite chair.

Taking steps for these accommodations helps eliminate cold spots and drafts and will make you feel more comfortable all around.

Low-Level Maintenance

Face it, getting older may make cleaning and maintaining the home a bigger chore. It needs to get done, though. What if there was a way to keep your living space germ-free and healthy without having to do the heavy cleaning?

Here at All Climate, we find solutions to all sorts of life problems – including this one.

We have:
• Used shower panels with smooth, antimicrobial materials instead of tiles to eliminate the need for cleaning grout areas.
• Undermounted the sink for easy cleaning.
• And used LVP flooring as an economical and low maintenance option for flooring.

Aging In Place Design - All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Call All Climate Painting and Remodeling and discover all the ways to make your aging in place design a home for a lifetime.

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