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7 Important Types of Drywall Services to Repair Damage

Your drywall will wear over time, but if you see damage that’s unexplained and becoming a real eyesore, consider these 7 important drywall services to repair your walls and make them look brand new.

7 Types of Drywall Services to Repair Damage - All Climate Painting

You don’t have to put up with damage to your home, so you can get that drywall repaired and looking as good as new again. Here are some of the most common drywall repairs that contractors do, and when to call in the experts to do it for you.

1. Furniture Scuffs and Marks

When you move into a new home, you could well find scuffs and marks on the walls of the building. These most likely come from furniture, that’s been placed too close to the wall when the previous owners were living there. This happens to you too, when you move furniture around. These marks are annoying, but luckily they’re often not too hard to deal with.

In most cases, a clean sponge will remove marks from the wall. If that doesn’t work, they can be painted or wallpapered over.

This is the best option if you’re already looking to redecorate that room. Avoid any further damage by keeping furniture away from the walls if you can, and being careful when you move furniture around.

2. Door Holes

What are door holes? These are holes that appear in the drywall from door handles, as the door is opened too hard into it. The handles leave a dent or hole in the wall, damaging it. These are annoying and difficult to avoid in some homes. The obvious answer is to be careful when you’re opening doors, but that’s not always possible.

For example, if you have kids in the house accidents happen, even if they’re trying to be careful.

One good way of avoiding this is to install a backplate on the wall. This will cover the space where the door handle would meet the wall, and prevent further damage to the wall.

The drywall services needed to fix the holes include:

  • Using joint compound to patch over it
  • Sanding it the following day
  • Painting it to blend the repair in with the rest of the wall

7 Types of Drywall Services to Repair Damage - All Climate Painting

3. Water Damage

Water damage comes from several different places, such as leaking roofs or damaged plumbing.

If you start to see discolored drywall, you’ve got to move fast to find the leak and stop it. The longer it goes on for, the worse the damage will be. Focus on getting the leak fixed before you worry about the drywall, to ensure that it won’t happen again.

Once the leak is fixed, you can then get the water damaged drywall fixed. This is vital, as the damage not only looks bad but is now weakening your drywall, leaving it open for further damage. The best thing to do is to have that section of drywall replaced entirely, so there will be no signs of damage.

4. Tile Removal Damage

Tiles look fantastic when they’re newly applied to your walls, but eventually, you will want to replace them, to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

However, if they’re removed incorrectly, they will take pieces of the drywall with them. This leaves your walls uneven and unable to take new tiles until you fix them. As with most things, prevention is better than cure.

Take the tiles off the wall using tools that break them off safely. You can also use a wide blade putty knife. It’s a good idea to ask at your local hardware store before you start breaking tiles off, to ensure that you look after the wall behind them. If you already have a wall that’s broken thanks to tile removal, our drywall services can fix the issue. You can apply a premixed drywall compound to the area, letting it dry then smoothing and sanding it down.

5. Nail Holes

These are very common in drywall, as homeowners hang up pictures and other items on their walls. They’re fine for as long as the picture is in place, but what when it’s taken down and moved elsewhere?

You’re left with an unsightly hole in the wall where the nail used to be.

These holes are annoying, but with the right drywall services, they’re easily fixed. Again, a premixed drywall compound is the best option here.

  • Fill the holes with the solution, then allow to dry and sand down to be flush with the wall.
  • You’ll then need to paint over the spot to blend it in. Soon, no one will know there was ever a hole in the wall.

6. Termite Damage

Termites are a nightmare if you don’t spot them in time.

Termites eat through drywall, causing you all kinds of issues. These include:

  • Pinholes in your walls
  • Hollow sounding walls when you knock on them
  • Paint peeling from the walls
  • Crumbling baseboards

If you’ve got termites, the first thing you’ve got to do is remove them from your home. Call in a good pest control company and have them evict them first. Once the termites are gone, you can now begin fixing the walls with drywall services. If the foundations haven’t been damaged, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Remove the baseboard if needed, and take out the section of drywall that was damaged. You’ll need to have that section replaced entirely, so it will be as strong and sturdy as it was before the infestation.

7. Cracks

Any cracks in your drywall should not be ignored. They look little now, but they’ll soon spread and cause you serious problems. They can come about from several different problems with your home. In some cases, they’ll have started because the foundations are shifting.

In others, it may be there’s a water leak somewhere in your home. If you have cracks, find the cause of the issue first. Once that’s been found, you can then fix the crack with joint compound.

Why Do You Need Drywall Services?

These seven problems can all be corrected if you know what drywall services you’re looking for. If you need help call in a contractor to look at the drywall for you, and correct any problems causing the damage before you fix it.