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Residential Painting and Remodeling Company | All Climate Painting & Remodeling

Whether you buy or build, you already do everything you can to ensure your home is truly suitable for your lifestyle. Professional cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing can give your home the simple update it needs.

Your home is your castle; the place you relax, refuel, and spend treasured moments with loved ones. That’s exactly why you deserve it to be at its most functional and enjoyable at all times.

As the years roll by, even the highest-quality homes need a bit of care and attention to maintain that “dream home” look. Professional cabinet painting and refinishing from All Climate can help you restore that “new home” feel or even totally update the appearance of your kitchen to better match your changing tastes.

Our workers excel at helping you get the most impact out of your remodeling budget with this one simple step.

Renew Your Home with Refinishing and Painting from All Climate.


1. First, we speak with you at length to determine your goals. Want to make old cabinets look new again? We can make that happen. We just need to sand and refinish to bring out that gorgeous oak grain. We’ll work hard to identify your budget, your needs, and how we can bring everything together to achieve your goals.

2. Our professional cabinet painting or re-painting starts with disassembly of your kitchen cabinet doors and cabinet boxes. Stripping them back to basics lets us bring the doors into our shop, where we use advanced painting equipment to ensure the perfect finish.

3. Prefer your doors to stay on the property? No problem – as long as you have adequate space available (a backyard or garage) we can complete the job there instead. Either way, we’ll work with you closely to identify a solution.

4. After disassembly, we use the multi-step process below to guarantee painting both looks and lasts for years to come.


Professional Cabinet Painting: Caulking and Trimming all Cabinet Moldings | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Step 1: Caulk all Trim and Moldings

First, we closely review cabinet boxes and fix any base issues. These issues may include broken hinges, scratches or dents.

After this, we carefully caulk all trim and moldings.

We use only the best brands and products to ensure longevity, durablity, and quality of your new cabinets.

Applying Primer to Kitchen Cabinets | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Step 2: Application of High-Build Primer

The next step in the process is also the most critical.

We apply a coat of high-build primer to ensure a smooth and even painting surface.

This seals in base materials while also filling in microabrasions and dents to ensure the final coat of paint looks seamless at the front, back, and sides of all cabinets.

Sanding Cabinets for New Paint During Cabinet Refinishing | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Step 3: Sanding & Second High-Build Coat

To achieve the highest possible quality outcome, we sand down the first coat of high-build primer.

The goal of this step is to eliminate air bubbles, cracks, and uneven zones that may interfere with the application of paint.

Then, we apply a second coat of high-build primer and re-sand gently with fine-grit sandpaper.

Finished Professional Cabinet Painting and Refinishing | All Climate Painting and Remodeling

Step 4: Applying Your Paint

The last step in the cabinet refinishing process is to apply two or more coats of paint. The exact process used depends on the color and style of paint. The vast majority of cabinets require just two coats – an initial covering coat and a final coat of finish paint to seal in the work.

In the end, your cabinets are left gleaming beautifully with an even, flawless finish.


Specialized in Custom, RTA, or Pre-Fabricated Cabinet Painting and Installation

All Climate Painting and Remodeling has experience working with a broad range of systems, makes, and models, including custom cabinets and pre-fabricated cabinet systems.

If you are totally remodeling your kitchen, we can help you give your current cabinets a fresh new look to match the change.

Alternatively, we can combine cabinet installation with painting to ensure your new kitchen looks and feels just right.

We work to make your remodeling dreams a reality; regardless of your needs.

Affordable, High Quality Services Throughout Camarillo and Thousand Oaks

Being a homeowner is an incredible experience. Every dollar invested into your home for remodeling or renovation counts, both in the eventual value of your home and the experience of living within it.

We strive to provide functional, highly-useful solutions for homeowners who really want to make the most of what they invest.

Need professional cabinet painting, re-painting, or refinishing for a business, organization, or other location? We can help you with these needs, too. Call us now at 805-432-1113 and ask us about the many ways we can help you love your location.


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