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Does your home show signs of cracks and crevices within the stucco? Have you dealt with water damage in your home?

If your home needs a little more TLC than regular exterior acrylic paint can offer you, then elastomeric stucco coating may be your best choice. You store some precious people within the walls of your home. And, they are definitely not worth taking a risk with – and leaving your home in rough condition. Even the smallest cracks can lead to much bigger problems.

Let the professionals at All Climate Painting & Remodeling show you just how well your home can be repaired and healed with the used of this premium product.


What Is Elastomeric Stucco Coating?

Elastomeric stucco coating is an alternative to the regular exterior acrylic paint. The stucco coating is many times thicker than the standard acrylic paint.

It gives 3 times elongation which makes it flexible and stretch.

If the stucco wall has excessive cracks and water damage, then the elastomeric stucco coating is a better choice than regular acrylic paint. It provides a layer of waterproofing coating; its flexibility ensures no hairline cracks.

Elastomeric Coating Benefits

  • It is resistant to things such as mold, mildew, and other fungi. In a climate such as the one you find in California, moisture can create a lot of damage to homes – especially those that have been compromised by cracks. Filling these cracks are essential to protecting your home.



  • The lifespan of the elastomeric stucco coating is much longer than regular exterior acrylic paint. This means you can allow more time to pass before having to re-paint.


  • If your home has a few cracks in the stucco, it is a simple repair that can be done prior to using acrylic exterior paint. For those with many cracks, it may be impossible to catch every single one – leaving your home in a potentially vulnerable position. Elastomeric stucco coating can take care of this risk by offering a thick layer of sealant that will adhere to cracks and fill them.


  • Moisture is not the only thing coating can stand up against. It also works well with heavy winds and insulated for cool and warmth.


Our Process

Now that you know the reasons why this coating may be your best choice for waterproofing your home, let’s discuss how it is applied. The process is very similar to utilizing exterior acrylic paint. When applying elastomeric coating in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding locations, the experts at All Climate Painting & Remodeling prefer to use a specialized process.

Step One:

One coat of primer is sprayed along the surface; use a back-rolling technique to impregnate the primer. This makes sure that all the crevices along the stucco are filled.

Step Two:

Spray a thick coat of coating to stucco surfaces and back roll to impregnate the coating to all crevices.

Step Three:

Spray second coat of coating and followed by backrolling. This is essential for stucco to ensure proper coverage.

It’s expensive. How do I know if it’s worth it?

Don’t be deterred because of the cost. Yes, elastomeric coating in Camarillo is roughly 50%  more expensive than ordinary exterior acrylic paint. But, it is important to remember one of the biggest perks – it lasts much longer than regular paint.

Take some time to weigh the costs and the benefits, and you will surely see that choosing coating is your best bet.

At All Climate Painting & Remodeling, we know how important it is to take care of your home in California’s climate. That is why we use our knowledge and skills to provide you with stellar service – and a high-quality finished product.

In fact, we are so confident about our coating that we provide 10-year workmanship warranty on our coating process. During the 10-year warranty period, we will provide regular inspection and maintenance every 3 years for free.