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A Small Kitchen Remodel Can Yield Major Value

A Small Kitchen Remodel Can Yield Major Value - All Climate Painting

If you have a small kitchen, it may feel like there’s nothing you can do to make it feel bigger. However, that isn’t the case at all. You can make plenty of remodeling changes to make the kitchen as versatile and useful as a larger kitchen. That will make the kitchen better for you and increase the value of your home as a whole. Here are some ideas that will help your small kitchen remodel increase your kitchen’s value and make the most of the space.

Make the Sink Smaller

This idea won’t have occurred to you at first, but it makes a difference. The sink will take up a lot of valuable countertop space, and a large sink setup has become popular in recent years. In a small kitchen, though, it’s just not needed.

You can go for a smaller single-basin sink than a double-basin sink in your kitchen. You can also consider getting a workspace sink, as these combine a sink with other items, such as a cutting board or drying rack.

Take Advantage of Space-Saving Measures

Over recent years, kitchen cabinet manufacturers have come up with all kinds of ways to improve the space in your kitchen. There are many ideas out there for a smaller kitchen, so when you’re shopping around for new cabinets, pay attention to what’s available to you. For example, you can put those narrow empty spaces to use with filler cabinets.

They can be as narrow as 3 inches wide and are perfect for items like baking trays, spices, and much more. You can also use all the wall space available by having cabinets that reach the ceiling. While that space will be harder to reach, you’ll be able to use it for lesser-used items and keep them out of the way.

Keep the Colors Light

This is important, especially if you’re looking to sell your house. Dark colors are having a moment right now, and they look fantastic when used well. In smaller spaces, though, they’re going to be overpowering and make the room look even smaller.

That will not show your kitchen in the best light when potential buyers see it. Instead, stick to colors that are light and airy. When you use lighter colors, they help bounce light around and make the room feel bigger. It does make it more pleasant to be in, overall.

Make the Floor Tiles Larger

Here’s another tip that you wouldn’t have thought of, but makes all the difference. It looks great in larger spaces, but in a smaller kitchen, it makes it feel tight and cramped. If you use small floor tiles, they start to look quite busy. Instead, go for a larger kitchen tile.

These work well as there are fewer grout lines, and so they make the floor seem larger than it is. As a bonus, that’s less grout to clean as well. If you have a galley kitchen though, they can look a little odd when the grout lines lay parallel to the cabinets. Talk to an expert floor fitter to see what can be done.

Take Out Some Elements

If you have a much smaller than average kitchen, there just isn’t going to be the space to have everything you’d have in a traditional kitchen. For example, freestanding furniture like tables and chairs will make the floor cluttered, and fully built-in cabinets won’t offer the flexibility you need.

As such, as you remodel, don’t be attached to the way a kitchen ‘should’ look. An excellent example of this is getting mobile kitchen islands that can be moved around as needed when you’re cooking or folding tables that can be folded and put to the side when not in use.

Use Your Backsplash to Make a Statement

In a smaller kitchen, you don’t have a lot of space to make a statement with the room. If you want to add your personality, you can go for a backsplash that speaks to you. They’re a smaller space that can really have a big impact if you want them to. The best news about these backsplashes is that they’re smaller and are a lot more affordable to decorate. That will allow you to go for mosaic or more expensive tiling without breaking the bank.

Improving Your Home’s Value With a Small Kitchen Remodel

If you update your small kitchen and make it more efficient, does it really have an impact on your home’s value? You’ll be surprised at how much it affects it. Updating your kitchen will give you a return on investment of 83%, on average. As such, for every $100 you spend on the remodel, you’ll increase the value of your home by $83.

That’s a better ROI than investing in remodeling elsewhere in your home. The key is to make minor changes that make a big impact. You can go for a full major remodel, changing out the cabinets, appliances, and decor, but that will cost a lot more and reduce the ROI of that remodel. If you were to do a full remodel, it would be to make the kitchen better for you personally than for resale.

Want to know how much the renovation will affect your home’s resale value? Take a look at other homes in your area that are up for sale right now. Are their kitchens upgraded? How much are they selling for? You can also talk to real estate agents, as they’ll be able to tell you how valuable an upgraded kitchen would be for you.

If you’re thinking of selling your home and want your small kitchen to look its best, try making these small changes to it. It’s incredible how much difference new flooring or some clever cabinetry can make to the room. The more attractive you make your kitchen, the more you can get for your home.

The Bottom Line

These are just some tips that you’ll want to keep in mind as you plan your small kitchen remodel. You may not need these renovations right now, but they will be helpful at some point in the future. A Small Kitchen Remodel Can Yield Major Value - All Climate Painting