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6 Benefits of Professional Cabinet Refinishing During a Remodel

During your remodeling project, you have two options for your cabinets: you can buy new ones, or you can opt for professional cabinet refinishing.

6 Professional Cabinet Refinishing Benefits - All Climate Painting

You’ve got a lot of options when you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. You can change up everything in the room, to create an entirely different look for your home. Part of this is changing up the cabinets in the room to freshen up your style.

Buying New vs. Professional Cabinet Refinishing

While most homeowners would take the old cabinets out and replace them, more are now looking at professionally refinishing the existing cabinets instead. Why would you choose to do this?

Here’s why you’ll want to refinish rather than replace your cabinets.

1. It Works Out To Be A Lot Cheaper

Firstly, you can’t deny that you’re going to save a lot of money with professional cabinet refinishing. Taking the old cabinets out is going to cost you a pretty penny in labor costs, and so will adding in the new ones. That’s not including the costs of the new cabinets themselves. That’s a lot of money to essentially replace something you already have.

Professionally refinishing cabinets will save you a lot of money, cash you can free up for another, more essential job in your remodel.

You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save by using your existing cabinets.

2. Better For The Environment

There’s a lot of worry around remodeling when you’re trying to minimize your effect on the environment. If you rip your existing cabinets out, you’ll have to put them out as trash and send them to put into landfill.

When remodeling your home, you’re already going to be contributing to landfill more than you’d like, so you’re looking for ways to avoid that as much as you can.

If you refinish those cabinets rather than replace them, then you’re in luck. You’re not taking out those cabinets so they won’t be going in the trash, meaning that you’re reusing items you already have. It’s a great way to reduce your impact and use items you already have.

3. Utilizes The Cabinets You Already Have

If you hate waste, then you may not want to remove the cabinets that you already have. They’re already in the right spot, they’re sturdy, and you still love the design. Why would you want to remove them, when you have the perfect cabinets already?

The only problem may be that the cabinets are looking a bit tired.

It’s true that when they’re getting older, they look a little more beaten up and worn out, from years of use. In these cases, professionally refinishing cabinets is the best option, as opposed to totally replacing them.

4. You Can Finish Your Remodel Quicker

Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen isn’t just expensive, it’s time consuming. Not having access to these rooms is already a serious inconvenience, so if you’re locked out of them for a longer length of time it’s worse.

You want to get that remodel soon as soon as possible, so anything that will get it done faster is something you should consider.

One of the most time consuming things about your remodel will be replacing those cabinets. They’ve all got to be ripped out, and then replaced with the new ones. This will take even longer if the placement of them is being changed.

You’ll shave a huge amount of time if you simply refinish them, rather than replace them. It’ll be much quicker just to change the finish than change the cabinets out entirely.

5. Perfect If Your Cabinets Are In The Right Place

A big reason some homeowners change out their cabinets is that they want to change the layout of their cabinets. If they’ve extended or changed the room’s dimensions, this is quite common. When this happens, the layout will be changed to make the most of the new space.

Other homeowners won’t be changing the layout of their homes, but still think they need to change out their cabinets.

If you think your cabinets are already in the right place, then why change them out? You can simply refinish them to make them look new, and save yourself the headache of changing them out.

6. Your Cabinets Are Still In Good Condition

The condition of your old cabinets will very much depend on where they came from, and what materials they were made out of. Some cheaper cabinets will start to show their age and become less sturdy over the years.

If you have better quality cabinets, then they’ll simply start looking a little outdated. They certainly will still be up to the job of storing your pans or bathroom products.

If you’ve got good quality cabinets, then why waste them? You can have them refinished instead, so they will look up to date but they won’t need to be removed or replaced.

Professional Cabinet Refinishing: A Simple Way to Upgrade

These are just a few of the reasons why you should refinish your cabinets, rather than replacing them. You may not have even thought about refinishing cabinets before, but if they’re in good condition, then why not do it?

It saves the environment, saves time and money, and will look fantastic.

Take a look at your existing cabinets. If they’re in the right position and are sturdy and well made, then you could refinish them. Take a look around online, and you’ll see that you’ll make a serious difference to the look of your kitchen or bathroom, just be refinishing.

If you don’t want to DIY this, you are able to call in a refinishing team to handle it for you. They’ll be able to get it done with ease. Look into professional cabinet refinishing today.