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Is It Time To Do A Kitchen Island Remodel? Here’s What To Consider

Do you ever think about the different ways to do a kitchen island remodel? There is a lot to consider so read on for all the helpful details.

Is It Time To Do A Kitchen Island Remodel? Here's What To Consider - All Climate Painting

Kitchen islands have seen real popularity in the last decade or so, leading many people to install them in their kitchens. Over time though, they can start to feel dated and tired. That’s especially true if you had an island installed using trends that were popular at the time.

If yours is feeling tired, then you have a few options. What should you do to spruce yours up? Here are some ideas for the perfect kitchen island remodel.

The Benefit of a Kitchen Island

If thinking about a remodel, there is always the option to take the island out entirely. However, that island will bring you a lot of benefits, so you’ll want to think carefully before you do this. They are very helpful, as they give you extra workspace in your kitchen. When you’re planning a big meal, that can be valuable. They also give you storage, too. If you use that storage a lot, then you want to keep that island. Don’t forget they create great breakfast bars, too.

Of course, there may be some reasons why you would want to take your island out. If you want to do a full redesign of the kitchen, it may need to come out. You may also want to replace it with a model that rolls on wheels, or a lower island. This is what many people are doing as they plan for aging in place, so it’s something to consider.

Change Out the Countertop 

If you want to freshen up your kitchen island, then you can start by changing up the countertop. There are so many ways you can change it, and make it feel brand new. For example, you can change a laminate counter by painting it with acrylic enamel paint. This lets you change up the color, and as a bonus hides any damage that has occurred over the years.

You have lots of options if you want to change the whole countertop. Marble or granite is a popular option. They’re naturally heat resistant, and look stylish thanks to their unique patterning. If you want to create a country feel in your kitchen, you can change it out for a wooden countertop. There’s even the option to use ceramic tiles. Again, these are heat proof, and there’s an endless array of styles and colors to choose from. Plus, if you use tile, you can always swap a few titles out if they ever get damaged.

You don’t even need to worry about matching the counter to the ones on your cabinets. The styles need to complement each other, but they don’t need to be the exact same to look good.

Paint the Wood

Let’s think about the counter’s base next. Right now it may have a natural wood finish, and you’re not that fond of it. Luckily, it’s very easy for you to change that out by painting it.

To paint the wood, you’ll need to sand down all the wood after taking out any hardware, prime the surfaces, and then paint with a wood paint. When you paint, you have the option of painting all your cabinets to match, along with the island or painting it a contrasting color.

As for colors, you can choose almost any color you want. If you want the kitchen to feel bright and airy, a bright white always works well. You also have the option to go the other way and paint it black. That helps the island feel very sleek and modern, perfect if you’re matching it with a new marble or granite countertop. You can go even bolder and paint it a bright color, to add a pop of color to the kitchen. A red or blue would work very well here.

Add Molding to the Island

When you had your kitchen island installed, did you go for a more plain option? It saved money at the time, but now it looks rather plain and inexpensive. If you want to add some luxury to your kitchen, you don’t need to rip it out and install an expensive island. Instead, you can add some molding to it and totally change the look.

Molding is quite inexpensive, so you can grab whatever you need to get the look you want. For example, you can use trim molding to create panels on the island, which makes it look much more expensive than it did before. You can add corbels underneath the countertop too, to add more visual interest.

Add in Beadboard

As well as molding, you can add beadboard to your kitchen island too. This really will give it a whole new personality, and spruce up your kitchen. Beadboarding is a style of paneling that has evenly spaced grooves, that add more texture to any surface.

It’s very easy to grab some beadboard at any home improvement store, and then cut it to size and fit it around your kitchen island. If that’s too much for you, you can even get beadboard wallpaper. There are lots of options out there, so take a look and see what’s for you.

Once the beadboard is installed, you can paint it to make it fit in with the rest of your kitchen. You can also paint it the same color as your cabinet,s or choose a complementary shade. A white is the classic color for beadboard, or you can pick something darker, like a black or forest green, for a more luxurious feel.


As you can see, there are so many different options for you if you’re looking to do a kitchen island remodel. The best news, you can do this all on a budget. Even just a quick lick of paint will work wonders.

Change out the countertops, paint the wood, add in molding and beadboard, and that island won’t look anything like how it started. With so much available to you, you can make it look just how you want it to.