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7 Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes And Trends To Revamp Your Space

If your home needs an upgrade, these kitchen cabinetry finishes and trends can immediately turn your tired kitchen into a brand new beautiful space.

7 Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes To Revamp Your Space - ACP

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where you feed your body energy, have family dinners, and spend roughly 40 minutes per day – every day.

However, is your kitchen starting to look tired? After a while, it just feels like you need to do something new to make it feel fresh again. Many homeowners don’t know where to start though, and so can’t imagine what their kitchen could be like.

The Latest Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes and Trends

One of the best places to start is with kitchen cabinetry finishes. They take up most of the space in your kitchen after all, and very much inform the style of the room. Not to mention, it’s the part of your kitchen that really stands out.

If your cabinets are outdated, or you simply just need a change, it is the perfect place to start.

Changing them up will make the world of difference to your kitchen, so here are some of the best kitchen cabinetry finishes and trends for you to try out.

1. Customized Color

Color is one of the biggest parts of kitchen cabinet design. The color will make or break the room, so you want to be sure you’ll get it right. In the past, there was only a limited selection of colors that you could choose from, and so on.

Now though, customers are demanding more color variety in their cabinets. Manufacturers are seeing that, and so they’re offering more and more colors in their cabinets. If you’re looking to replace your cabinets totally, then you can choose from more colors than ever before.

Even if you’re just thinking of painting your existing cabinets, then you’ve still got a huge range of choices. You’ll be able to get just the right shade mixed just for you at any home store. It’s worth considering, to make sure you get what you want.

2. Open Shelving

The next trend in cabinetry isn’t cabinetry at all, but actually open shelving. This has become more and more popular in recent years, especially for those with smaller kitchens. As they allow light through, where cabinets can’t, they make a room feel so much more open and airy.

They’re also perfect for those who want to curate a perfect look for their kitchens. If you’re the kind of person who loves having matching crockery and pans, then they’ll look amazing on open shelving. It has practical benefits too, as you’ll be able to see what’s there and grab what you need while cooking. No more having to dig in the back of a cabinet for the right pan.

This doesn’t mean that using open shelving has to be the only option in your kitchen. A mix of open shelves and cabinets could be just what you need.

3. Minimalist Finishes

As kitchens have become more modern and high tech, kitchen cabinets have raced to keep up. The look of a cabinet now can be sleek and minimalist, in order to match the technology you’ll find in there. They’re usually free of ornate design work you’ll find on older cabinets, and often even the handles have been removed. Instead, recessed door pulls are included as to not interrupt the smooth lines of the cabinets themselves.

These cabinets work best when put against a modern styled kitchen. If you’re the kind of person who hastes too much clutter, then these kinds of cabinets are perfect for you.

4. High Tech Cabinetry

In this day and age, tech is making its way into the kitchen. You may be following a recipe on your phone or tablet, or watching TV on it as you cook. You may want something more, such as wireless speakers, a television, or a tablet. Sometimes these are built right into kitchen fixtures, such as your fridge.

Because of this, cabinetry has had to run to keep up. You’ll see that many cabinets now have charging stations or docks, so you can place your phone or tablet in them to charge as you’re using them. With wireless tech being built into them too, you can have music playing or watch TV in your kitchen with just the touch of a button.

5. Metal Grate Cabinetry

There has long been a trend for glass fronted cabinets. These are amazing looking, but they do have their drawbacks. As they’re glass, everything in your cabinets has to be just so, as everyone can see in.

If you’re not the kind of person why wants to be rearranging plates all day, but you still want that look, there is a compromise. Metal grate cabinets offer you the same look but without all that work. The glass in the door is replaced with a metal grate, which can be peeked through, but doesn’t show everything. It’s an amazing option as it looks so good.

You can have grates that fit a more modern theme or more traditional styles for an old world feel. Grated kitchen cabinetry finishes fit in with every kitchen, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

6. Luxury Hardware

Are you looking to freshen up the kitchen without making huge changes? Then changing out the hardware is going to be just what you need. You can simply take the handles off and replace them with new ones, and the room will feel totally different.

You can pick the style of hardware you use, too. Want something that feels simpler, and isn’t too showy? You can use sleeker and more minimalist handles. If you instead want to show off and create a luxe look, you can find handles that match that look too. There are lots of options, so find something that works for you.

7. Glossy Paint Finishes

Something that’s very on trend right now is glossy kitchen cabinetry finishes. These have a high sheen on them, making them shiny and bright in any kitchen. These are a great idea if you want to bounce light around in a room, to make it feel larger.

Glossy finish cabinets can be done in any color you choose. Pastel colors look great with a glossy finish, as do darker colors in more luxe feeling kitchens.

There are so many options when it comes to your cabinets. One of these trends is going to be perfect for your kitchen, so pick one that speaks to you. Change up the look and make your whole kitchen feel brand new.