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How Can Kitchen Cabinet Painting Transform Your Home?

One of the best ways to transform your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint, instead of a full remodel; this is especially true when it comes to kitchen cabinet painting.

How Can Kitchen Cabinet Painting Transform Your Home? - ACP

Painting is a more affordable way to make changes to your house. One of the most commonly used rooms in a house is the kitchen. Here are some of the benefits and ways that painting your kitchen cabinets will help your house become more of a home.

1. Lowers Expenses

When it comes to changing one’s house, the first things to change are usually the cabinetry. The costs associated with doing this are usually high.

However, if you take your existing cabinets and paint or stain them, not only do you lower the remodel cost, you also spruce up the house with less effort overall. Kitchen cabinet painting is much cheaper than other alternatives.  This will result in a significantly lower cost than a full remodel.

2. Saves Time

Remodeling your kitchen can take between 6-12 weeks or more, depending on what you are having done. This means a long time without a kitchen – assuming there are no delays, and nothing goes wrong.

In general, kitchen cabinet painting and remodeling can be done in a week or two.

Additionally, you will still have access to your kitchen and everything in it, for the most part.

3. Creates Greater Flexibility

Everyone has different ideas on how they want their house to look. This is also a major factor when it comes to purchasing a house for many potential homeowners.

When it comes to transforming your home, the kitchen will most likely be the main part that many will change. This is because most homeowners like the design of the kitchen in the home they chose, but they may not like the color or look of the cabinets.

If the color isn’t working for you, or it doesn’t match the kitchen appliances you purchase, a little paint or stain will fix that right up. This will also allow for more of your budget to go into other aspects of your home.

How Can Kitchen Cabinet Painting Transform Your Home? - ACP

4. Increases Home Value

When it comes to purchasing a home, many people will look at how the home comes together.

They will ask themselves,

  • “Do I like how this room looks or will I have to remodel it?”
  • “Does this room match the rest of the house?”
  • “Do all the cabinets look the same?”

When it comes to these questions, as a potential homeowner or seller, you want to have a satisfactory answer. If the cabinets look dated, the potential owner will be less likely to purchase or will offer less.

Kitchen cabinet painting will prevent these questions and bring a wow factor to the situation. Not only will it make the cabinets look clean, new and well maintained, it will also make the whole kitchen look better without breaking the bank in the process.

5. Improves Overall Appeal of the Home

Painting kitchen cabinets will also allow you to transform your home from just a house you own to something that is all your own. Once you paint or stain the cabinets, you will have placed your personal touch on them.

Kitchen cabinet painting not only allows you to bring up the individual appeal of the home, but also allows you to brighten a dark room, or soften a room that may be too bright.

When it comes to interior decorating, everyone has a different look at how they want it to be. You can choose particular colors to define your kitchen or decide to keep the cabinet surfaces more neutral.

Tip: If you like to change up the décor in your home on a regular basis, or if you decorate a lot for seasonal holidays, consider a more natural wood stain or a paint color that would be easy to match.

6. Creates a Cohesive Story

Your home may be one of the first things people use to judge you as a person. Kitchen cabinet painting can create a massive step towards having your home tell a story about you.

You will want the kitchen to speak for you, and to tell your guests that you care for your house.

  • Do you like a more rustic look or do you like modern design?
  • Do you enjoy your kitchen when it’s dark and cool, or do you like to welcome the morning sun and showcase that to all during breakfast?

All of this can be highlighted with a little paint, transforming your kitchen from just another room to the place where everyone wants to be.

7. Makes the Space Seem Bigger

Did you know that painting a room can make it seem larger? This is a great way to open up a room without any expensive remodeling tasks such as pulling down walls or other parts of your house.

Using lighter colors of paint or stain can make the room seem more open. With this in mind, your room will also seem brighter. Brighter rooms then tend to seem larger, unlike darker rooms.

On the other hand, a darker room will allow for a more romantic atmosphere, as well as generally being cooler in temperature.

8. Kitchen Cabinet Painting Changes the Atmosphere

With painting comes the need to choose what colors and theme the room will have. If you are the type of couple that likes romantic candlelit dinners, then darker colors or stain would work better. That way, when the lights are dimmed the cabinets won’t stand out as much.

Conversely, if you are parents to little bundles of joy, then going brighter may work best for you.

Light colors would also be a good choice for those who love to greet the morning sun with a nice cup of coffee or tea. A brighter room will be that much more welcoming in the morning.

There are also options that are warm medium colors that bring natural warmth to your room.

Colors are one of the major factors that affect our feelings about a situation. Whatever you choose, it will be a transformation well worth doing and something you will enjoy for years to come.