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Your Guide To A Small Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

In order to plan a small bathroom remodel on a budget, you must think outside the box. To assist, we’ve listed a few ideas you can try! Read further on.

Guide To A Small Bathroom Remodel On A Budget - All Climate Painting

Your bathroom is starting to look tired, and you need to look into sprucing it up to make it look good again. With a small bathroom though, you’re up against it in terms of space. How can you get everything you need into the space you have? Plus, if you’re on a budget, there’s going to be less you can do.

Although it feels like a tough job, if you’re creative you can do a lot with a small bathroom.

Here are some ideas that will help you create a whole new look for the room.

Don’t Move Plumbing Fixtures

If you’re on a budget, you’ll need to consider where you can start cutting costs. It’s a tough call, as there are so many things you want to do. Plus, what’s an extra expense and what’s something that you really can’t skimp on?

There is one way you can save a lot of cash when planning out your remodel. If the fixtures are all in the ideal spots, then you don’t have to think about moving them around. Once you start to move plumbing fixtures around, the remodel is going to cost a lot more. By keeping things where they are, you’re going to save a lot of cash.

Keep Tiling to a Minimum 

There are so many ways to tile your bathroom, you really can go all out if you want to. If that’s your thing, then you’ll want to dedicate a lot of your budget to it. Tiles get expensive fast, and you’ll have to add more to the cost if you want to hire someone to install them for you.

If you’re trying to save money, you can keep tiles to a minimum. Use that extra cash to put some beautiful tiles behind your sink and around the shower, and then paint the rest of the walls. You can buy paint specifically for bathrooms, which resists water, mold, and mildew. You’ll still get the look you want, but at a lower costs.

Refinish Fixtures and Tiles 

Do you like the fixtures in your bathroom, but they’re looking out of date? Those who have the classic avocado green bathtub will know all about those outdated fittings. Rather than ripping it out and placing in something new, you can actually refinish them instead. This allows you to change the color and fill in any nicks or scrapes, making it look brand new. Add new hardware, like faucets, and no one will know they aren’t brand new.

The same goes for your tiles. If they’re in good shape but just look old, you can have them refinished too. It saves so much money, time, and effort, and they’ll look amazing once they’re done.

Save On Your Countertops 

If you have any counter space in your bathroom, you’ll need to consider what you’ll use to replace it in your remodel. Right now, granite is very popular with homeowners. It works well in wet environments and will last for years. However, it is very expensive because of this.

There are ways around this, though. You can pick up a slab of granite with imperfections, which will come at a cheaper price. While you may balk at using such a piece of granite, consider where the imperfection is. If it’s in the spot where the faucets or basin will be, you won’t see it anyway.

You can also change up your color to get a better price. Neutral colors, like black and beige, are most popular. That makes them more expensive, so pick a color that’s less popular but looks just as good in your bathroom.

Remember, as you’re kitting out a smaller bathroom, you won’t have to worry about spending so much on countertops anyway. As you’re only buying a small amount, your money will go further.

Add In Extra Storage 

In a small bathroom, storage is everything. If you find you never have a place for all your things, then you may want to look into extra storage. Right now, open shelving is very trendy and it’s actually perfect in small bathrooms.

As the shelves are open, they allow light through and don’t take up more visual space than they need to. You’ll be able to hold anything you like on them, from towels to cotton swabs, and more. You can even make a feature of smaller items like this, by placing them in glass jars. Add in decorative items too, such as house plants, to really make the shelves look good.

Add In More Mirrors

Mirrors are something that everyone recommends when it comes to remodeling small rooms. However, that’s because it’s an easy option, and it works. The way you do this will depend on you and your own tastes. If you want, you can use a large, oversized mirror to catch light and bounce it around the room.

Another option is to go for mirrored tiles. This may be more difficult if you’re on a more limited budget, but they look amazing wherever you put them. Just putting a few on the backsplash behind the sink will go a long way.

Maximize Your Lighting 

Good lighting is key to making a small bathroom feel bigger. The more light you have, the less poky the room can feel. Of course, the best way is to let natural light in, but that may not be possible. If the bathroom is on a dark side of the house, or if it doesn’t have a window, you’ll need to add more light.

The best way is with an oversized pendant light. A good overhead light will flood the room, making it bright and cheerful. If you can, add more lights around the mirror too, as they’re perfect for getting ready in the morning.


With these tips, you will see that a small bathroom remodel on a budget is indeed possible! You should be able to make your bathroom look amazing, no matter how small it is. A little creativity goes a long way, so start thinking and stretch your budget to really make that bathroom pop.