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How to Find the Best Painters in Ventura

When updating or remodeling your home, a fresh layer of paint can do wonders; but how do you find the best painters in Ventura, California?

How to Find the Best Painters in Ventura - All Climate Painting

When you decide to hire professionals to handle your painting job, it’s the first of several decisions that you’ll be making, regardless of if you need interior painting or exterior painting. It’s not only about the paint color and finish, it’s also important to select the best company to complete your project.

Read on for guidelines about finding the best painters in Ventura.

It’s Not Just the Paint

You can select the best paint out there, but if the contractor doesn’t have the skills to apply it properly – you’re just left with a bad paint job.

Look for a company that offers skilled painters with experience. Ask around for references – your neighbors and friends are a good place to start. Also, prepare a list of possible contractors.

1. Consider a General Contractor

If you’re looking at more than a simple paint job for your home project, think about including contractors that can handle other projects as well.

Renovating can include:

  • Adding or changing walls
  • Updating kitchens and bathrooms
  • Removing ceiling texture
  • Moving lights or plumbing
  • Fixing drywall
  • Any number of changes

When you hire a general contractor, they can complete these other jobs, and think through their bid with an eye towards the big picture.

How to Find the Best Painters in Ventura - All Climate Painting

2. Get Multiple Bids

When looking for painters in Ventura, always get a minimum of 3 bids on your painting projects. You’ll want to speak with a real person who will come to your home to deliver an accurate bid. Before they arrive, work out the questions you’ll be asking each company.

Here are some important ones to ask:

– How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience is important. An established company shows that they have been able to stay in business in a highly competitive California market.

– Are You Licensed?

Per the State of California: “It is illegal for an unlicensed person to perform contracting work on any project valued at $500 or more in combined labor and material costs.”

Additionally, licensed contractors must pass an exam, and are held to high standards. Make sure your applicant has a valid CA license – you can check it here.

– Do You Have Insurance?

Your contractor should have both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. You should be able to see copies of both certificates if you like.

– Do You Have References?

A good contractor will have no problem with supplying references for you to contact, and they should be fairly recent.

If you’re concerned about the end product and how the painter handled the clean-up process, the references can tell you first-hand about how their project turned out. Your contractor should be happy to share at least 3 references with you.

– What Type of Prep Work Will You Be Doing?

This is one of the areas that separates quality work from the quick and cheap work done by some companies. Prep work makes a huge difference in how well the project will turn out.

Professional painters in Ventura should be able to discuss what they’ll do to prepare for painting. There should be a process in place. This should include proper caulking, sanding, and drywall repair, as well as removing hardware, moving and protecting furniture, and repairing cracks. Primer should be applied to any areas that have been repaired.

All these steps will ensure that your new paint job looks perfect and will last a long time.

– How Will You Leave the Job Site?

A good painter will be conscientious about leaving your home in perfect condition.

Ask them about how they will handle things like returning furniture to its original spot, putting hardware back on, and general clean-up. If you discover a problem after they have left your home, ask about how they will handle it.

– What Type of Guarantee Do You Offer?

This is self-explanatory, but the painting company should be willing to stand behind their work, offering a written guarantee to back it up.

In addition to the guarantees offered by the paint manufacturer, there should also be a guarantee on the actual painting process.

3. Go Beyond the Checklist

When you’re working with a contractor, there are other qualifications that don’t fit neatly on the checklist, but that are important to how comfortable you’ll feel with the company.

Here are some other points to consider when you’re interviewing the contractor.

– Knowledge Base

Does the contractor have the experience to answer all your questions, and are they able to explain the process well?

If you’re on the fence about a paint finish, or whether a project is practical, a knowledgeable contractor is invaluable. They can spot possible problems, offer examples of what they’ve done on similar projects, and even give opinions on paint color schemes.

Again, a general contractor can be a great resource. They’re already prepared to think outside the box, and they can also help you with ideas to help you achieve your design goals.

– Brand Knowledge

Ask about what brands of paint they use, and why they chose them. A reputable contractor will be invested in choosing quality products that will deliver long-lasting results. They will also be able to explain why they use the brands they do.

– Communication

You shouldn’t feel pressured into making any decisions when you first talk to the potential contractor. Let them know that you are getting multiple bids.

Avoid any company that tries to talk you into committing on the spot, offers a deal that is too good to be true, or that has contacted you because they are “doing other jobs in the neighborhood.”

Finding the Best Painters in Ventura

When finding your painters in Ventura, make sure that the bid covers exact pricing, with clear specifications on the scope of work and the materials used. Get all the information on a form that the contractor provides, and don’t rely on something that they’ve sketched out on a piece of paper.

Treat your painting project with the same importance that you’d assign to any other household renovation:

  • Get clear specifications
  • Do your homework with references and license checks
  • Remember to get bids from at least 3 Ventura painters or contractors

Your final choice should make you feel comfortable with both their professional demeanor and their knowledge base.