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Do You Need Fence Repair? The Signs and Why Hire the Experts

Do You Need Fence Repair? The Signs and Why Hire the Experts - ACP

As homeowners, we take pride in our properties and strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for ourselves and our families. One crucial element that contributes to the security and aesthetics of our homes is a well-maintained fence. Whether it frames the perimeter of our property, encloses a backyard oasis, or provides a sense of privacy, a fence serves as a protective barrier and an essential part of our daily lives.

Over time, fence damage is inevitable from weather, animals, and wear. Left unaddressed, small issues can become big, expensive problems. Learning the fence repair signs, along with the benefits of hiring a professional, can help homeowners protect this asset.

Inspect Fences for Common Problems

It’s smart to inspect fences twice a year for any issues that have popped up. Look for:

  • Loose, broken, or missing boards allowing unwanted access or visibility. 
  • Posts leaning or moving out of alignment, causing the fence to sag.
  • Rust, rot, cracks, and pest damage compromising pickets.
  • Poor gate function like sagging, scraping, or not latching properly.
  • Vegetation growing through or lifting the fence bottom.
  • Stains or bubbling paint indicating moisture issues in the wood.

Pay extra attention around the gates, corners, and bottom edges where damage most often occurs. Document any problems found to make repairs easier.

Why DIY Fence Repairs Aren’t Ideal

When issues emerge, some homeowners are tempted to tackle repairs themselves to save money. However, fence repair has challenges and risks:

  • Matching materials and finish of existing sections can be tricky.
  • Warped or broken posts require excavation skills to remove and replace properly.
  • Securing new sections level and plumb demands specific techniques.
  • An uneven patch job can worsen issues or detract from curb appeal.
  • DIY repairs may violate HOA rules or local codes.

Without the right tools, skills, and experience, flawed repairs can compromise fence stability and aesthetics.

Benefits of Letting The Experts Handle It

Hiring a professional fencing contractor offers many upsides:

  • Contractors have the manpower to repair fences efficiently.
  • They properly diagnose issues and recommend the right solutions.
  • Experts have access to quality materials that withstand weather.
  • Professional equipment allows precise section removal and installation.
  • Skilled workmanship results in structural repairs that are level, plumb, and long-lasting.
  • Reputable contractors offer warranties on their fence repair work.

Professional repair ensures your fence stays securely in place and keeps its curb appeal.

Common Fence Repair Techniques

Depending on the issues discovered, some typical fence repairs include:

  • Replacing individual damaged pickets or rails to match existing.
  • Splicing in new fence sections if multiple contiguous pickets are compromised.
  • Resetting posts in concrete for rigidity if leaning or wobbly.
  • Patching, sanding, and resealing for wood preservation and waterproofing.
  • Adjusting hardware like hinges to properly realign gates.
  • Clearing vegetation and debris to prevent further damage.

A qualified pro will determine the ideal permanent repair methods to restore your fence’s function and aesthetics.

Maintain a Safe, Attractive Barrier

No fence lasts forever, but diligent monitoring and timely repairs extend its lifespan significantly. Left unaddressed, minor damage can progress into costly problems affecting fence performance. Trust a professional fencing contractor like All Climate Painting to make structural repairs properly the first time. Invest a little now to keep your fence looking great and doing its job for years to come.


Caring for your fence with consistent inspections and prompt repairs is one of the best ways to protect your property investment. While DIY repairs may seem tempting, structural issues are best left to the fence experts. Their access to proper materials, tools and skills ensures your fence is fixed correctly and built to last.

Prioritizing professional fence maintenance now saves you money and headaches over the long run. Don’t wait for damage to pile up and become an eyesore. With regular pro care, your fence will continue providing security, privacy and visual appeal for many more years.

Need Fence Repair? The Signs and Why Hire the Experts - ACP