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The Best Exterior And Interior Color Trends

Is it time to repaint your home? If it is, you have many choices when it comes to choosing color schemes. To help you out, here are the best exterior and interior color trends to consider.

The Best Exterior And Interior Color Trends - All Climate Painting

Whether you need to touch up the siding outside or repaint a room to create a new look, it’s time to try something new. Why not check out some of the latest trends, and see if there’s something you’d like to try? You may see something that you hadn’t even considered before.

Exterior Paint Color Trends For Your Home

If your exterior siding color is looking a little dingy, then you’ll need to paint it to bring back up to speed. Why not pick a new color that will help you stand out?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

 – Yellow

Have you ever gone past a yellow house, and thought that it looked like a cheery place to live? The color yellow is so positive and happy that it rubs off on you, creating a positive frame of mind.

A yellow home stands out and looks great. Pick a paler shade that’s still bright and peppy, but not too garish.

 – Off White

If you’re looking to sell your home, then an off white will be perfect for you.

It’s a traditional look that creates a blank slate, something that will help potential buyers see themselves in your home. When you’ve got to think of the curb appeal of your home, you’ll see that off white is a good choice for you.

 – Light Blue

Whether you live on the seafront or deep in suburbia, a light blue can evoke the feeling of a coastal cottage.

Pick a very pale blue, and match it with a deep aqua that you can use to paint the accents, such as shutters and doors. Together, the colors work well to create that timeless feel.

 – Gray

You may not include gray in this season’s color trends at first, as it seems so nondescript. However, it’s incredibly popular when it comes to exterior paint. This is because it works as an excellent backdrop to brighter accents. Simply using gray walls and white accents will make your home stand out.

 – Blue Gray

This shade of blue is deeper and more subdued than regular blues, but looks wonderful on your siding.

It’s got a real serene feel, so you’ll feel calm as soon as you come home from a long day at work. Again, pair it with white accents for the best results.

 – Lighthouse Red

Finally, if you really want to make a splash, pick a lighthouse red for your exteriors. It feels bright and modern, as well as traditional, all at once. There’ll be no home that looks quite like yours on the street, that’s for certain.

The Best Exterior And Interior Color Trends - All Climate Painting

Interior Paint Color Trends

Now we’ve covered the outdoors, let’s look at the inside of your home. Is it time to renovate a room, or are you looking to make a new home feel more ‘you’?

Here are some interior color trends that are popular in homes, and look fantastic in any room.

 – Coral

Pinks don’t have to be in your face. If you’ve shied away from using pink before, this is the shade for you.

It’s muted enough that it’s not bright and garish as soon as you step into the room, but it’s bright enough that it doesn’t remind you of old, 80’s pastel color schemes that are now very dated. This would look perfect in a bedroom, creating a soothing palette that will help you drift off at night.

 – Marigold

Yes, you can have a yellow tone in your home without it being overpowering. Marigold is a bright, summery color, but it’s not over the top.

You can pair it with contrasting colors such as coral blue and sage green, if you’re looking to go midcentury modern. Keep the molding white to create a color balance in the room, and it will look amazing.

 – Pale Purples

It’s not just the walls that you need to think about painting. What about the wood accents in your home? You could go neutral, or you could push the boat out and use a color to make them pop.

Try using pale purples, such as lilac, as an accent color. Using it in a hallway or any transition style space makes it unique and much more personal to you as a homeowner.

 – Seafoam Green

Yes, really. Decades ago seafoam green was a real winner when it came to your bathroom fixtures, but nowadays you’ll want to keep it out of the bathroom altogether.

To bring it up to date, bring it into the kitchen. It looks amazing on kitchen cabinets, which is worth considering if you’re looking into repainting cabinets rather than replacing them. Match them up with seafoam green bar stools for a coordinated look.

 – Turquoise

You don’t need a bright turquoise in your home, to make it look modern and fresh. Instead, pick a lighter shade. It’s just pale enough that it looks relaxing, without being too bright. Again, like the coral, this would look perfect in a bedroom. It’ll create vibes of a seaside cottage easily, if you find some matching accessories to set it off.

 – Indigo

Want a room fit for royalty? Then you need an indigo room in your home. This deep purple shade looks beautiful if you pair it with yellow, as a contrast.

If painting a whole room feels too much to you, then pick one wall to paint indigo, with the other walls a neutral color.

 – Jade Green

Jade green is a color that evokes the Caribbean and tropical paradises, perfect if you’re looking to create a retreat from the outside world in your home. Try it in your bathroom alongside some tropical style prints. It’ll make it the perfect getaway when you want to relax.


These are some of the best color trends that are being used this season. Pick colors that really speak to you, and make you feel happy when you see them. You’ll soon have a home that’s exciting, relaxing, and beautiful. Pick up your paint today and get started making it look perfect to you.