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Choosing the Best House and Roof Color Combinations

Time for exterior painting? Choosing the best house and roof color combinations can be a bit of a daunting decision. We’re here to help with the decision-making process, read below for more info…

Choosing the Best House and Roof Color Combinations - All Climate Painting

Ready to start remodeling the exterior of your home? There are lots of choices that you need to make, and one of the biggest is picking the colors you’ll use. There are lots of different color combinations for your house and roof, so let’s take a look at some of the best combinations, and see which is best for your home. 

Classic White House With Black Roof 

Let’s start with a classic color combination that always looks good. Pairing a white house with a black roof gives you a timeless look that suits so many different styles of home. If you’re not sure what to go for, this is a good combination that you can fall back on. 

White as a house color is always good for small homes too. It makes the home look bigger from the outside, which is something that you can put to good use if you’re looking to sell the home. 

Many like this combo as it’s a neutral pairing. That means that it will work well with any architectural style, so you don’t have to worry about matching it up. Its neutrality of it also makes it easy for you to add on other exterior elements, such as trim, gutters, doors, windows, and so on. 

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy costs, you’ll be interested to know that white paint will help you reflect sunlight. That means the house will stay cooler, and you’ll spend less on energy bills cooling the home. However, the black roof will actually absorb sunlight, making it hotter. As such, you can still have this combo, you’ll just want to ensure that your roof is well ventilated and insulated. 

Traditional Light Gray House And Roof

This combo is best for traditional-style homes, as it lends itself to the look well. It’s a trend that’s picking up steam recently, with many homeowners looking to use gray on gray on their homes. 

There are a couple of things you need to know when you use these colors on your home. The gray of the roof and the gray of the home should be two different shades, to differentiate from each other. As well as this, you’ll want something to act as a barrier between them. Simple white trim and can do this nicely, adding visual interest and creating a break between the two colors. 

Dark Gray House With A Charcoal Roof

If you have a more contemporary home, then you don’t have to miss out on the gray-on-gray trend. It’s all about the shades that you use. A dark-gray for the house, and a charcoal shade for the roof, is what you want here. 

The difference here is the darker shades, that create a bold look. It’s something that wouldn’t work on a traditional home, but on a more contemporary home, it’s going to look great. 

Just like the traditional home though, you’ll want to add in that white trim to separate the two shades. It’s also best to keep all other trims, windows, and doors white too, as this will help create good contrast without being visually distracting. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is a color combination that’s best for colder climates, as the colors are quite dark and will absorb heat. That may actually work depending on where you live, as you’ll be able to spend less on heating your home. 

Rustic Wood Color House With Brown Roof

Here’s a look that’s best for a cabin or a home in a rural area. In these areas, you’ll want your home to blend in with nature, rather than stand out. This combination makes your home look beautiful, as well as helps it work with the foliage surrounding it. 

Using wood materials on the sides of your home, such as planks or shakes, is a classic look that works well in these kinds of situations. When you pair it with a brown roof, you’re creating a cozy look that invites people in.

If you want to take it one step further, you can paint some parts of the home a forest green. Again, that adds visual interest while still helping the home blend in. 

Warm Red Brick Home With Gray Roof

Who doesn’t love the look of a red brick home? It’s a classic for a reason. When remodeling the home, it’s tempting to change it but actually, sometimes it’s best to leave it and just make the change to the roof instead. 

Picking a gray roof gives you a modern take on the classic red brick home, while still helping it feel warm and welcoming. Pick a gray with a warm undertone to get the best effect here. If you want to take it further, you can add in gray trims, or gray window shutters to tie the look together. 

Beach House Look With Light Blue Walls And Chrome Metal Roof

Here’s something a little bit different, when it comes to home looks. If you live near the coast, try painting your home a light blue. It gives a real tropical and carefree feel, and always looks good. To get the most from the look, pair it with a chrome metal roof. 

Metal roofs have all kinds of benefits, from being long-lasting to being fire-resistant. In this case, the color will go with the house perfectly. 

To complete this look, add white accents such as doors and trims. The goal is to use light colors all over for a more breezy feel. If your home is somewhere warm too, these light colors will reflect the sunlight and make it cheaper to cool, too. 

Wrapping Up House and Roof Color Combinations

These are just a few color combinations that you’ll want to try when it comes to your home. One of these ideas should work perfectly for your home, considering the location, style, and climate. Give these looks a try for a contemporary look that will stand the test of time.