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9 Ideas For A Summer Time Kitchen Makeover

With summer nearly here, you’ll be looking to freshen up your home. One of the best ways to start is with an ultimate kitchen makeover.

9 Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Summer - All Climate Painting

It’s one of the most used rooms in your home, where everyone gathers at mealtimes to talk about their day. You want it to be inviting, so now’s the time to get it looking perfect.

If it’s looking tired right now, then you can use these tips to get it looking great again.

1. Look For Second Hand Treasures

Not sure where to start with your kitchen makeover? You can start looking through flea markets, salvage yards, and more to find inspiration. These are great as you may find something that you love and have to include in your new kitchen. They’re an endless source of ideas, as so many styles and looks will be included.

As a bonus, what you buy will probably be cheaper than buying new in store. It’ll also be much more eco-friendly as you’re recycling an item that would have been destined for landfill. 

2. Consider Taking Down Walls

Does your current kitchen space feel cramped and unfriendly? Many kitchens are too small and don’t allow you to make it the family space you really want it to be.

If that sounds like your kitchen, then consider knocking out a wall to make it bigger. This, of course, will depend on your home. If the walls are load bearing it won’t be possible. It’s also an expensive job so it will depend on your budget. If you can though, it will make the kitchen feel so much lighter and roomier. 

3. Repaint Your Cabinets

Looking to do your kitchen remodel on a tight budget? The current cabinets are dated and tired, but you don’t have to rip them all out and start again. Instead, you can repaint them and give them a whole new lease of life.

It’s not too difficult to do, and you’ll be able to reuse what you already have, saving you money. Add new handles to the cabinet doors when you’re done, and it will feel like a whole new room.  This is also a great option if you’re happy with the layout of the kitchen, and just want to update the look rather than take everything out.

4. Paint Your Tiles

On the subject of repainting items during your kitchen makeover, why not repaint your tiles?

This is a good idea for similar reasons. If the tiles are in good condition and are in the right place, then they may not need to be replaced at all. This is especially true if the only problem with them is that they’re simply dated, or not to your taste.  This is just another way you can save money on a remodel or reduce the environmental impact of remodeling your kitchen. 

5. Change Up the Colors

Looking at your kitchen now, is it dark and dreary, or light and airy?

Many older kitchens used darker colors that were in style at the time but now look out of place. Also, those dark colors make the kitchen depressing when you want it to be welcoming.

You can switch out the colors by using brighter paints to lighten it up. Many homeowners like to go with a bright white, to allow as much light in as possible. 

6. Think About Your Layout

If you’re going to remodel the kitchen, think about the layout that you have right now. Does it work for you?

For example, you have a kitchen island but the kitchen itself is quite small, so do you have the room for it? Are the cabinets on the right walls for you? Would the fridge fit better somewhere else in the room?

Make a plan of where you would like everything to be. If you’re going all out on your kitchen remodel, then you can change up the layout to something that works better for you. 

7. Decide On Black or White Appliances

If you’re going to put new appliances into your new kitchen, then you’ll need to decide what color they’ll all be.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for many, as it has a modern vibe. It does come at a higher premium than other finishes, though. Picking all black or all white appliances is usually the best way to go if you want to save some cash on your remodel.

If you’re going this route, remember that appliances can often come in different shades of white, so it’s easier to match black appliances together. 

8. Consider Your Storage

Something that’s vital for any kitchen is storage. You’ve got to get it right, in order to be able to fit in everything you need.

Does your kitchen have enough storage now? Use dead space to create more storage, such as space high up on the walls, or in unused corners. This may also be the right time to put in a kitchen island if you’ve always wanted one, as this adds more storage too. 

9. Update the Theme

Does your kitchen have a theme that worked back in the day, but is quite dated now? If you like some aspects of it but know that it’s tired, you can simply update the theme to work in the here and now.

For example, an old country style kitchen can easily be revamped in a coastal chic style. This will only require you to repaint fittings to match, and possibly swap out older appliances for newer ones.

In this case, repainting the old wooden cabinets a shade of gray and using blue flooring really makes all the difference in your kitchen.


There are so many ways to update your kitchen and make it the space you’ve always wanted to be.

Even better, it’s very easy to do on a budget. Anyone can make real changes during their kitchen makeover with these simple tips. Take the ideas that appeal to you here and totally revamp the kitchen in your home, making it the real heart of your home.