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8 Modern Bathroom Updates For Your Remodel

Looking for modern bathroom updates? Here’s a solid list to review and think about for your remodel.

8 Modern Bathroom Updates For Your Remodel - ACP

Is your bathroom starting to look rather dated? Whatever you’re looking for with a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to create a more modern look and feel.

Here are some bathroom updates to help you plan a bathroom that’s bang up to date.

1. Try Painting Your Bathroom Fixtures 

Are you stuck with the dreaded avocado bathtub? It’s a sign of a bygone age, but you don’t have the budget to pull it out and install a new one. What are you going to do with it? Simply decorating around it won’t be enough to make it feel new.

What you can do is actually recoat the bathtub and give it a different color. It’s a service that you can have done in your bathroom, and it’ll not only fix the color but repair any wear and tear on the tub too. It does take a while to fully cure and so you won’t be able to use the bathroom for a few days, but if you’re able to wait you can get a brand new tub at a fraction of the cost.

2. Create Feature Walls In A Small Bathroom 

In small rooms, you’re always looking to update the space and make the most of what you have. If the room still feels cramped, you can do something drastic to distract from how small the room feels. A way that you can draw the eye away from the proportions of the room, you can create a feature wall in your bathroom. Placing this above your bathtub or on the wall with your sink will look amazing.

You can try adding a statement wallpaper or adding feature tiles on this wall. You can even go for a mural if you’re so inclined. There are lots of ideas out there, so you can use something to make that room feel more inviting.

3. Add A Walk In Shower

This is something a lot of people are already doing, but if you want something that’s both practical and modern, a walk-in shower is key. Creating a shower tray that’s flush to the floor is very of the time, and looks great if you’re going for a wet room look in your bathroom.

It’s also worth considering that it’s a good way of updating your bathroom for aging in place. This helps you make your home ready for you as you get older and need more assistance around your home. Having a no-entry shower means that you’ll be able to keep your independence for longer, so you’ll be able to stay in your home for longer too.

4. Add A Splash Of Color 

Bathrooms in recent times have been all monochrome, and there is a lot to be said for the look. If you’re tired of the same old look though, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color here and there to really make the room stand out.

You can choose any color that you can think of. Bright jewel tones, moody earth tones, or soothing pastels all have their place in the bathroom. You can add it with paint on one wall, your tiles, or even just on the towels that you have out. Be as creative as you like.

5. Update The Cabinets 

This is another key tip if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom on a budget. The cabinets in your bathroom may be totally serviceable, but just outdated. Rather than having to rip them out totally and replace them with new ones, you can repaint the ones you have so they’re up to date.

It’s fairly simple to repaint cabinets, and you can change them to any color you want. Try a gray or white if you want them to blend in, or try a bolder color to make them stand out. Finish the job by adding new hardware, and they’ll look all new.

6. Use Wall Hung Units

This tip is another good one for small bathrooms. Space is always at a premium, so even saving a few inches here and there will go a long way. If that’s something you want to do, then try wall hanging units to save that space. This can include toilets, basins, cabinets, and more.

It’s a highly practical move, but the joy of it is that it’s a modern look, too. You can make your small bathroom look high-end, as well as save that room to move around in.

7. Add-In Twin Basins

If you don’t already have twin basins in your bathroom, then you’ll want to put some in now. They’re a highly popular addition in modern bathrooms, and for good reason. With two basins, there’s no fighting for space at the sink in the morning. You can both get ready and it saves you a lot of time.

As well as this, it adds a bit of luxury to your bathroom too. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel and felt that the twin basins there added class to the room, you can recreate that in your own home.

8. Rethink Your Storage

As you’re remodeling your bathroom, this is the optimal time to rethink your storage. This is something that most people seem to struggle with within their bathrooms. You’ll want to think about the space you have, and put it to good use.

For example, if you have any awkward niches or alcoves in the bathroom, you can add built-in shelving. That puts the space to use, and it’s amazing what you can store in them. You may want to go for extra cabinets, rather than open shelving. Whatever it is, think about what you need when it comes to storage, and how you can achieve it.

Implement These Bathroom Updates

These are just a few ideas that will help you modernize your bathroom, and make it feel much more up to date. Try these out in your remodel plans, and you’ll see that your bathroom will look great no matter what the size, time, or budget.