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The Best Spring Colors To Use For Your Home

Spring is finally here, and you can kiss the dreary cold winter days goodbye. You want your home to reflect this shift, and so a change up in décor is on the cards that introduce guests to an abundance of spring colors.

But, how do you pick the right spring colors that suit both you and your home?  Here’s a guide to the best spring time colors, for everything from paint to your soft furnishings. 

Coordinate Your Spring Colors

Once you’ve found a color you like for your walls, it’s easy to find colors that complement it.

The best way to do this is to keep furniture neutral and bring in the colors in other ways. For example, a neutral sofa will look great with cushions that match the color of the walls. You can also add contrasting color cushions too, to add an extra pop. 

The benefit of doing this is that you can change out the accent colors as your tastes change. It’s much less expensive, messy, and time consuming to change out the cushion covers than repaint your walls. 

Focus on One Color

Lots of rooms work well by emphasizing one color if they have neutral colored walls. This is especially true of kitchens. All white kitchens look amazing, but they can look a little sterile if you go all out with that color scheme. Instead, you can bring in one color as an accent to really warm up the room.

Taking that white kitchen as an accent, you can bring in bright turquoise colors to brighten it up for spring. These could be anything, from kitchen appliances to the seating at your breakfast bar.

Whatever it is, it makes the room a lot friendlier. 

Paint Your Bookshelves

This is a neat trick that brightens up a space without being too overpowering.

If you have built in bookshelves, paint the inside of them a bright spring color, such as lavender or green. This project doesn’t take too long to complete, and the best thing is that it doesn’t have to be permanent. You can easily repaint the shelves when needed, making it a perfect project for renters. 

If you’re worried about bringing in too much color at once, you can start with this project and see how it makes the rest of the room look. You can then bring in more accents in the same or complementing colors if you like them. 

Pick a Statement Piece

If you’re feeling bold and ready for a change, pick a statement piece in a bright spring color. These pieces form the focal point of the room, allowing you to create a look around it.

The best thing is that you can change the colors up to match the season, too. For example, put a bright pink sofa in a room and place yellow and green tinted hues for a cheerful spring look. If you go for grays and plums, the look will be perfect for fall and winter.

If you don’t want to buy a whole new piece of furniture, you can always update the one you already own. For example, you could get a table and repaint it in a bright hue, or reupholster your favorite sofa if it’s looking a bit dated. 

Pair Brighter and Paler Spring Colors

Can’t choose between a pale purple and a bright aqua? Why not have both? You can do it without having one overpower the other, or looking like too much in one room.

The key is to use the paler color for larger areas, such as walls, bedspreads, drapes, and so on. The brighter color is kept to smaller pieces, such as chairs or lampshades. You can even use it on wallpaper if the color is the accent detail on a mostly white design. This way you’re making a room bright and spring like, without making the room totally overpowering. 

Add Spring Colors to the Bathroom

If your bathroom is in need of a facelift, then you’ll see that spring colors will look amazing in there.

Blues always look great in a bathroom, but why not try a pale green? The shade is relaxing, something you’ll love if you like to take long baths at the end of the day. 

Whatever color you choose, pair it with white to give you the right balance of color. The best way to do that is with white tiles and painted walls. The white tiles create a foundation for the color on the walls and any accents you have, making it look beautiful.

Start With a Fabric

Not sure where to start when picking colors?  If you have a great spring inspired fabric, then that’s the perfect place to start. That fabric can be used on anything, from your curtains to your seat covers, and you can pull colors from that. 

For example, say you have a floral fabric that’s mostly green but has a small teal accent. You can take that accent and use it to paint your walls. It all matches up perfectly, and it will really draw out that accent in the fabric. 

Balance Pastels With Jewel Tones

Pastel tones are a spring staple, and there’s no doubt that they look brilliant wherever you use them.

It’s easy to put multiple shades in one room too if you sprinkle it around rather than placing it all in one area of the room. For example, yellow drapes and blue soft furnishings will look great in the same room.

If you’re worried about the room looking too sickly sweet with so much pastel, you can balance it out with a jewel tone. This helps bolster the look of the room. A cobalt tone in a rug, for example, would look right at home in the above room. 


These are just a few ideas when it comes to updating your home for spring. Try out bringing these tones in your bathroom, living room or kitchen, and really brighten up your home.

You’ll love the way it looks once you make these changes. 

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