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The Benefits Of Staining A Deck

Your wood deck will be one of the best things about your outdoor space. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a coffee in the morning or entertaining friends at night. If you’re looking to install or update a deck, it’s vital that you seal it. You can seal a deck several ways, but staining is the most popular. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it too. 

Seal Your Deck Against Water

Water is the top enemy of your deck, and you need to protect it. If the deck is left bare, it can easily absorb water the first time it rains. Over time, that water will rot, split and crack the wood, making it unsafe and unusable. However you seal your deck, it’s vital that you seal it. If you use a high quality stain, it will stop the water from being able to get in the first place. With that layer of protection, the deck can resist water for a long time. 

Avoid Damage From The Freeze/Thaw Cycle

This is a very specific way that water can damage your deck. In the colder months, water in your deck, when it’s unsealed, will start to freeze up. As it freezes, it expands, pushing and damaging the wood. Over time the water will thaw back out and then refreeze, causing further damage. When there isn’t an entry point for water, it can’t get into the wood and start this cycle. That can be avoided by staining the deck to create a seal against water. That helps the deck last longer and keeps it in the best possible condition. 

Stop Rotting

Wood rot is another real issue that you can get with an unsealed deck. When water can get in, that allows rot to start forming, it can spread through the areas you can’t see on the deck much quicker than you’d think. There are signs that your deck is experiencing rot, such as the wood feeling soft and spongy and splintering that starts peeling away from the boards. When you properly seal your deck, you’ll stop wood rot from happening in the first place. It’s important to look for any signs of rot before you seal the deck, so you can replace any sections that are experiencing rot beforehand. 

Improve The Look Of Your Deck

One of the great things about staining your deck is that it gives you many options regarding the look of the wood. There’s a great variety of stain colors available, so you can pick something that fits in with the overall look of your home. Having the option to change the color of your deck allows you to really up your home’s curb appeal and make it look better than ever. That’s always important, but it’s especially important when you’re looking to sell your home. 

Use Different Woods To Your Advantage

Another great benefit of a stain is that it can help you save money on installing your deck. If you want expensive wood, but can’t budget for it, then you can use a stain instead. You can pick a cheaper wood and then use the stain to change the color. That helps it blend in with the more expensive wood, saving you cash. Of course, as well as the color, you’ll get the water resistant properties of the wood stain too. That helps a lot when you’re looking to make home renovations without breaking the bank. 

Avoid Sun Fading

While water is the main issue you need to consider when you’re looking to protect your deck, you should also consider the damage the sun can do. Over time, those UV rays will beat down on the wood and start to fade and damage it. Much like your own skin, wood is susceptible to the sun. Those UV rays will wear the wood down and start to damage the internal structure. It can even change the original color of the wood. If you stain the deck, you can prevent that damage from happening. 

Create A Safe Walking Area

Your deck needs to be a safe place to walk on, especially if you’ll be using it a lot. As you’ve seen above, there are so many ways in which it can deteriorate over time. You can do many things to help keep it in good condition, such as inspecting it regularly to look for damage and having any damaged sections replaced as soon as possible. Staining the deck is one of the best things you can do to help it stay in top condition. It makes the walking surface stronger, making it safer to use. That’s something that you’ll want to keep in mind, especially if you have young children or pets who will be out there. 

Save Money On Your Deck

Many homeowners feel that a wood deck will deteriorate over time. As such, they will have to pay to rebuild it after a certain amount of time. While the deck certainly can’t last forever, you can keep it in good condition and ensure it doesn’t fall apart before its time. Again, regular maintenance will be key here. If you keep an eye on your deck and put issues right before they can worsen, you’ll drastically prolong the deck’s life. You’ll also prevent a lot of issues by staining the deck. That keeps water out and the sun off the wood, so it can stay in much better condition longer. That will save a lot of repairs and replacements down the line. You’ll want to look into staining your deck for many reasons. It will help keep it in top condition and ensure that you don’t see water or sun damage for a long time. If your deck needs protecting, look into staining it today. 

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