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Remembering 2019 With The Year’s Hottest Trending Interior Paint Colors

A new decade is approaching, which means that it’s time to take a look back at the most popular trending interior paint colors of 2019 – here are our favorites.

As we wave goodbye to 2019, it’s worth revisiting the paint colors that were all the rage during the year. Throughout the decade, we saw paint trends move towards a more mindful approach. Paint colors were chosen depending on the lifestyle of the person choosing. Did they need something that was soothing or something that was energizing? Many paint colors became popular as homeowners were asking themselves these questions.

The Hottest Trending Interior Paint Colors

Even though the ball has dropped and we’re firmly in 2020, you can still take a look at the most popular options of 2019 and see what were the best paint colors. You can even take inspiration if your New Year’s Resolution is to finally remodel your home. Here are the trending interior paint colors of 2019, and why they were so popular.

Neutrals With Blue Accents

Are you the kind of person who is averse to bright colors in your home? You don’t want to paint a whole room green or red, but head to toe neutral isn’t doing it for you either. Homeowners like you were using neutral paints with blue accents to really bring rooms to life.

The great thing about this is that you can be as bold or as delicate as you like with the blue accents. A royal blue rug in the middle of the room creates an instant focal point. Blue cushions on a sofa add a little splash of color that’s easy to change up. Using blue in a room painted in taupes or grays really brightens it up without being overwhelming.

Olive Green

Olive green really came back in a big way and was one of the most popular trending interior paint colors. Many designers say that it’s incredibly versatile. You can make a bold statement with it, or just use it as a color that blends in, creating a more serene environment.

For example, you can paint one wall with an olive green to create a feature wall, something you can then pair with another 2019 staple, copper or bronze furnishings. It creates a beautiful, luxurious feel that is easy to achieve. If you want something more muted, pair it with neutral colors to create a relaxing space.

Jewel Tones

While 2018 was a year of more muted colors, jewel tones really came into their own in 2019. They worked best when used as accents in a home. For example, a bookcase painted in blue or green looks amazing when stocked up with vintage books.

You can still use jewel tones in 2020 if they speak to you. There are so many different options, as they give you such a fantastic pop of color. Pairing jewel tones with neutral backdrops is the way to go. You can try painting a piece of furniture, such as a coffee table, a bright marine blue to make it stand out in your living room. Try experimenting with jewel tones and see what you can come up with.


Bronze is another color that came out of nowhere last year. Suddenly, you couldn’t move in stores for bronze-colored homewares and accessories. It’s no surprise, as it’s such a versatile color that goes with almost everything.

You can take bronze in several different directions, too. You can use it to create a southwestern feel in a room or try to make a more industrial or modern theme. It’s still a big color going into 2020, so you won’t have any trouble using bronze in remodeling projects this year.


It’s no surprise that coral was so popular last year when it was Pantone’s Color of 2019. Many theorize it was so popular because it was such an optimistic, bright, and energetic color. It’s a great choice for kitchens, cabinets, hallways, or even children’s bedrooms. Wherever you want a splash of bright and fun color, coral will work wonders.

Many are turned off colors like coral because they are so bright, but you can make it work for you. Many separate it out into its pink and orange tones, which together work well in any room. You can even keep it to a small area if you want to make a small but dedicated statement with it.

Woodland Colors

While botanical shades were big in 2018, 2019 was all about those woodland colors. Think shades of mushrooms and ferns that create a more muted but still beautiful natural look in any home. They’re perfect for those who want a relaxing space, especially in their bedroom. The natural shades are relaxing, and the muted color palette is much less in your face. This became a favorite of many homeowners out there.

Take a look online and you’ll see people taking that theme and running with it. Some have created whole woodland cabin looks, that are beautiful and serene. If you want something that inspires you to slow down and relax, this is the color palette for you.

Pale Pinks

Pale pink is a beautiful shade that can be used in so many ways. This is a great way of putting pink into your home without overpowering a room with it. It’s so soft and subtle that it’s another fantastic option for bedrooms, too.

Many designers loved paring pale pink with lemon yellows and whites for a look that will stand the test of time. Try it in your home, anywhere you want to have a soft and soothing environment.


Finally, we saw a lot more yellows showing up everywhere, from paint colors to sofas and everything in between. Again, this was an optimistic color choice that brought light and energy to any room it’s used in. There’s no denying that yellows are great for rooms that tend to feel a little dark and dingy.

Final Thoughts

Do these trending paint colors have you feeling inspired? Try using them somewhere in your home. Just a lick of paint makes the world of difference to a room, so pick a color that sounds good to you and get to painting your home!

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