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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas to Know

Kitchen cabinets are a central part of the most important room in your house. Therefore, you must carefully select from many kitchen cabinet color ideas – and we are here to help!

Cabinets make up a significant part of your kitchen which means you’ll have to stare at them for days, weeks, and months. That’s obviously a long time and as a result, it could get boring staring at the same cabinet hue especially if you didn’t like it in the first place.

Imagine what it would be like to walk into your much-loved kitchen space… everything from the cabinets to the flooring lifts your mood, gives you a joyful feeling, and fills you with peace of mind. Wouldn’t you want to spend more time in this beautiful room? Cook delicious meals and share them with friends, relax with a cup of tea or coffee, find more reasons to use your kitchen…

It can all begin with your kitchen cabinet color ideas.

Now, work with us and we’ll show you some great color combinations for your kitchen cabinets.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Cabinet Colors?

There are hundreds of colors and different shades of colors which means you have a great collection to work with.

But does it?

A wide range of colors means a whole lot of confusion and difficulty in selecting what’s right for you. This makes kitchen cabinet color ideas for black appliances, white appliances, and generally a small or large kitchen important. Let’s narrow it down.

1. A Cost Effective Solution

If you’ve moved into a new home that’s either yours or a rental, it’ll definitely be less expensive to re-paint your cabinets, rather than replacing them as a whole.

With the right color that meets your eye and matches with other components of the rooms such as the wall, floor, etc. you would’ve successfully revamped its design without carrying out any significant change.

2. Prevent Waste of Time and Effort

Have you finally decided to remodel your kitchen by changing the cabinet colors? then like many others out there, we believe you’re anxious.

  • “Is the color combination right?”
  • “Will you still love it two months later?”
  • “What if you end up hating it?”

You’re not the only one who has had cold feet at this juncture as to whether a change in paint is what they really need. Before you choose new cabinets from a showroom, you need a review of the modern kitchen cabinet color ideas and pictures to point you in the direction. When that happens, you can be more confident that the color you settle for will be in the right hue.

3. To Meet the Trends

Yes, we know you love blue, white, yellow, or whichever color has gotten your fancy, but in recent times, there are several color hues that may be more appealing to your eyes.

Therefore, instead of a traditional blue, you can find the same blue in different shades which has the double benefit of pleasing your eyes as well as others. There’s the crowd-pleasing gray which has garnered user interest on Pinterest and there’s also a shade of pink to go by.

Now if you want your kitchen to be another room that people will swoon over asides from the food aroma coming from it, it all boils down to the need for a style and color hue that is in trend.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas to Consider

Here’s the part where we show you the best cream, country, and modern color kitchen cabinet ideas. We’ve done the work for you by relying on pictures of painted kitchen cabinet color ideas from your favorite interior home designers.

Thus, you can trust us to choose what will appeal to your eyes and that of others.

Accordingly, the best kitchen cabinet color ideas are:

1. Crisp White

You can never go wrong with a nice, crisp white if a classic and timeless look is what you’re out to get for your kitchen. What makes it a great choice, you may wonder?

For starters, it:

  • Softens the space
  • Lets in more light into your kitchen
  • Blends really well into a stainless-steel hardware

Moreover, if you’re uncertain of how other colors may turn out, crisp white is a safer bet since it works in just about any kitchen despite its existing colors and it’s recommendable for any décor style. You get a great color for your cabinet, while other elements such as a warm wood island, blue stove, etc still maintain a focal point.

Finally, you can always paint another color over it if you have a change of heart anytime soon.

2. White and Dark Gray

One of our favorite kitchen cabinet color ideas includes using white and dark gray as bright and receptive colors. They complement a quartz and natural stone counter.

In addition to that, they fit very nicely with finishes such as:

  • Black
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel

Interior designers have also vouched for the pair and in this case, the white color can be used in upper cabinets while the dark grey on lower cabinets in the kitchen.

Let’s take a look at what each color actually does: The white gives your kitchen space a light and bright feel while the dark gray helps to ground the design. Thus, you can get an out-of-a movie kitchen in your home.

3. Bright Yellow

You can take it one step further by bringing an outer experience into your home.

In need of some spirit lifting and warmth? Then consider a strong bright yellow color that comes with a promise of reminding you of the sun each time you walk into your kitchen.

So, you’ve had a gloomy night and craving for an early morning coffee, what more to liven your day than a bright yellow which comes with a cheering effect. If you’re happy from the start of the day, then it can go a long way to potentially impact your day. A design of this nature is a good country kitchen cabinet color idea.

4. Mint Green

Have you ever considered a retro 1950s or contemporary styling for your kitchen? If you have, then there are pastel green cabinets on one side with the promise of a fresh and inviting look on the other hand. The latter can be the next new look in your kitchen just by trying out a minted green color.

It may also interest you to know that this color blends well into the room if there are leafy plants and neutral tones in the cooking space.

5. Grey or Beige

An alternative to white is grey or beige. Like white, it can also brighten up your kitchen and give it a fresher appeal. This color also looks beautiful if you have Calcutta marble countertops and brass hardware in your kitchen.

Therefore, it’s either you settle with white or something that comes packaged with similar benefits. In the end, it’s what appeals to your eyes more.

6. Vibrant Blue

For a bolder statement, vibrant blue comes in handy. The color can give the cabinet some warmth and depth while at the same time making a statement of its unique design.

Keep in mind that not all homeowners will be as daring as you to settle for the darker blues, but you can show them that it’s well worth it by picking up the paintbrush to transform your cabinet to this color.

7. Greige

So, what exactly is a greige color? It is a combination of beige and gray and as such, it tends to produce a different color undertone.

Think of it as hues such as:

  • Purple-grays
  • Blue-grays
  • Green-grays
  • Other wide range of grays

But this time around, you’ll be settling for something that can give a more cool, natural effect. If you’re worried if your cabinets will look out the place after being painted, then that should not be a bone of contention since greige complements several things.

8. Dark Colors

Dark colors may be thought to be prevalent in historic houses, but the modern kitchen can still thrive with it. They can offer warmth to space and as such, are good alternatives to whites and grays.

Specifically, these are colors that range from dark blue, dark green, and generally, dark shades of a particular color. Use either of these with brass hardware and there what you’ll get, is a striking look.


Cooking can become something you look forward to when you’re in an environment that livens your mood and provides warmth.

Therefore, our favorite kitchen cabinet color ideas introduce you to a whole new world of colors and styles that will blend well with your private space. These are paint colors for white and wood cabinets and as such, which you settle for, will save you the cost of remodeling your kitchen entirely while still providing you with a sleek look.

They also fit in nicely with existing appliances and for the first time, your furniture, not just food can finally be the hero of the room.

Now, it’s left for you to take the bold step and try one of these.

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